Trapezoidal lead Screw

viti trapezoidali rullate home

EPC Industrial offers a wide range of trapezoidal rolled lead screw. We have a large warehouse with standard products and on request we can make special screws on specific designs.

  • Pitch from TR 3,3X0,8 up to TR 160 × 16
  • Screw length even greater than 6 meters
  • Diameters from 3mm to 300mm
  • Different materials besides the C45 standard

trapezoidal rolled lead screw

EPC Industrial is able to supply a wide range of rolled trapezoidal screws by means of the cold deformation process which allows to obtain high precision threads and profiles.

There are many advantages of obtaining the threaded screws with this cold deformation process.

With the threading of the trapezoidal screws by means of the cold rolling process, the greater the resistance since the screw does not undergo the incision of its natural fiber , but modifies its structure creating a very high resistance against the breakage principle.

The wear resistance is greater as with the cold rolling process, the contact surface of the screw is much smoother, greatly reducing friction and noise during operation.

Trapezoidal lead screw AVAILABLE

wdt_ID CODE Outer diameter Pitch Sinle o multi start Thread direction
1 TR-3.2x0.8 P-1-Right-hand thread 3.2 0.8 1 Right-hand thread
2 TR-4.5x1 P-1-Right-hand thread 4.5 1 1 Right-hand thread
3 TR-6.78x1.5 P-1-Right-hand thread 6.78 1.5 1 Right-hand thread
4 TR-8x1.5 P-1-Right-hand thread 8 1.5 1 Right-hand thread
5 TR-8.7x3 P-1-Right-hand thread 8.7 3 1 Right-hand thread
6 TR-12x3 P-1-Right-hand thread 12 3 1 Right-hand thread
7 TR-12x3 P-1- Left-hand thread 12 3 1 Left-hand thread
8 TR-12x4 P-1-Right-hand thread 12 4 1 Right-hand thread
9 TR-12x4 P-1- Left-hand thread 12 4 1 Left-hand thread
10 TR-16x2 P-1-Right-hand thread 16 2 1 Right-hand thread
Outer diameter Pitch Sinle o multi start Thread direction